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There is a difference between a retail pharmacy and compounding pharmacy. With Reed's Pharmacy you get both!
A retail pharmacy provides commercial medications in standardized dosages, while a compounding pharmacy customizes medications to a patient's specific needs.
The main reason we started compounding was to provide solutions to our patients. We believe that compounding is the answer to a lot of problems - can't swallow pills and the med prescribed isn't commercially available in a different dosage form? Compound.
Allergic to a filler in a commercially made med? Compound. The specific dose you need isn't available commercially? Compound. 
Compounding available for pets and animals
Dosage Flexibility:
With compounding, we can create medications in various strengths, forms, and flavors.
Flavor Options:
We offer a variety of flavor options to make medication time more enjoyable for your furry friends.
Schedule a consultation with one of our compounding pharmacists
We can formulate medications free of these allergens, ensuring your pet's health and well-being.
Your medications should be unique to you. We provide quality and affordable compounds to meet your needs. For more information about pricing and whether a compound would be the best option for you
Give us a call!
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