Our Services

Our team does more than just fill your medication, at our pharmacy we provide services and products to our patients in a manner that maximizes our patients health and communities welfare. We work together to take an active role in your healthcare by providing many valuable services. 

Meds at Once

Do you ever find it difficult to keep up with your medication refills and picking up your medications? Tired of coming in multiple times a month for different medications? If you answered yes to either of these questions, we have a solution for you!

Meds at Once is a service we offer at Reed's Pharmacy to help manage your medication refills so that you will be able to pick up ALL of your medications on one day each month. With our Meds at Once service, you qualify for free delivery every month and a special monthly discount on our high quality over-the-counter products.


Convenience Packaging

Did you remember to take your medications this morning? We offer a free packaging service to help you remember whether or not you have taken your meds. 

"My husband is diabetic and takes a few medications a couple of times a day. He wasn't remembering if he had taken his last dose or not. We started using Reed's Bubble Packs and it is never a question anymore. Now my husband is compliant with his meds and his diabetes is under control."    -March 2020 Testimonial


Custom Compounding

Compounding is the art and science of preparing CUSTOMIZED medications for patients. Manufactured "one size fits all" options aren't always the most OPTIMAL therapy for you. Hormone Replacement Therapy, Pain Creams, Dermatology meds, ear drops and so much more! Call for information on quality and pricing. Follow us on Instagram @reedspharmacyutah for behind-the-scenes of our Compounding Pharmacy!

We mix medications specifically to meet your individual needs:

  • Troches, Suspensions, Solutions, Lollipops, Capsules, Chapsticks, Ointments and Capsules


Erectile Dysfunction

Don't let the cost of Erectile Dysfunction keep you down! As a locally-owned, independent pharmacy, we want to help you by offering a low cost solution. Contact us to learn how an alternative can keep money in your wallet and ED at bay!


Free Delivery

We offer FREE DELIVERY to all of Cache Valley Monday through Friday. There is no need for you to find a parking spot and wait in line for your medications when we can deliver straight to your door. We can also mail to anyone in the state of Utah for an additional shipping fee of $5. This is our “just go home” promise if you can’t make it to the pharmacy, and then just go home. Let us help you in bringing your medications to you. Please give us a call today for additional details or to schedule your delivery service today.