Convenience Packaging

Did you remember to take your medications this morning? We offer a free packaging service to help you remember whether or not you have taken your meds. Signing up is so easy! Just come into the pharmacy (or call) and ask us to package your medications. We will then go over your medications with you and give you up to a week supply and then package the rest. Your medications will be ready for you within a week. Each month you will receive a phone call to go over any changes to your med list. Convenience Packaging is a free service when you fill your medications at Reed's Pharmacy.

"My husband is diabetic and takes a few medications a couple of times a day. He wasn't remembering if he had taken his last dose or not. We started using Reed's Bubble Packs and it is never a question anymore. Now my husband is compliant with his meds and his diabetes is under control."    -March 2020 Testimonial